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Writer/Artist/FHM model Jinky Coronado is back with a double dose of BANZAI GIRL: A new print comic book PLUS a sexy color photo book! PLEASE note that not all add-ons are available to backers outside of US. Following are the list of add-ons that I will not ship outside of US. BANZAI GIRL Volume 1 Graphic Novel (Regular Edition) BANZAI GIRL Volume 1 Graphic Novel (Autographed Edition) BANZAI GIRLS: STRIPPED DOWN! Art Book (Autographed Edition) EXPOSURE Volume 2 Graphic Novel Trade Pbk (Regular Edition) THE MIKE DEODATO, JR. SKETCHBOOK BANZAI GIRLS MUSIC CD (Autographed) with BONUS Photo & Lyrics Booklet -- Autographed! JOE BENNETT ADD-ON VARIANT BANZAI GIRL MANGA-FORMAT GRAPHIC NOVEL -- Autographed PAOLO PANTALENA ADD-ON VARIANT BANZAI GIRL Volume 2 VARIANT COVER Graphic Novel -- Signed & Numbered GOLD JINKY COVER VARIANT BANZAI GIRL Volume 2 Graphic Novel Trade Pbk. (Regular Edition) BLANK SKETCH COVER VARIANT BANZAI GIRL Volume 2 Graphic Novel Trade Pbk. (Autographed edition) PANDORA'S BLOGS (AND MORE) RED GIANT COLLECTORS' SET BANZAI GIRL FANTASY AND ADVENTURE COLLECTIBLE CALENDAR (from 2005!) -- Autographeds BANZAI GIRL: STRIPPED DOWN! Full Color Art Book BANZAI GIRLS: STRIPPED DOWN! Full Color Art Book -- Autographed Edition BANZAI GIRL STATUE -- Limited Edition JINKY CORONADO ORIGINAL ARTWORK -- Sequential Pages -- Signed JINKY CORONADO NEW CUSTOM SKETCH ARTWORK JINKY CORONADO ORIGINAL PINUP AND COVER ART -- Signed JINKY CORONADO CUSTOM NEW FULL-COLOR COMMISSION JINKY CORONADO CUSTOM LINE ART COMMISSION -- Cover Quality! EXPOSURE Volume 1 Graphic Novel Trade Pbk (Autographed) EXPOSURE Volume 1 Graphic Novel -- Al Rio Signed & Numbered Edition EXPOSURE Volume 2 Graphic Novel Trade Pbk -- Autographed Edition EXPOSURE Volume 2 Graphic Novel -- Autographed Edition BANZAI GIRL Volume 2 TEN-PACK FOR RETAILERS -- Autographed BANZAI GIRL Volume 1 and Volume 2 TEN-PACK FOR RETAILERS BANZAI GIRL Volume 1 and Volume 2 TWENTY-PACK for Retailers -- Autographed LARGE PRINT A: JINKY VS. THE SNAKEMAN! -- 11" x 17" autographed! LARGE PRINT B: JINKY OF THREE WORLDS! -- 11" x 17" autographed! LARGE PRINT C: JINKY'S DOORWAY INTO NIGHTMARE! -- 11" x 17" Autographed LARGE PRINT G: BANZAI BLAST! -- 11" x 17" autographed LARGE PRINT H: BANZAI FOOTBALL FOLLIES! -- 11" x 17" autographed LARGE PRINT I: JINKY'S ROBOT RAMPAGE! -- 11" x 17" autographed LARGE PRINT J: JINKY'S PRESIDENTIAL PARDON! -- 11" x 17" autographed LARGE PRINT K: BANZAI VS. THE MYTHS! -- 11" x 17" autographed THE MIKE DEODATO, JR. SKETCHBOOK Treasury-Sized Trade Pbk THE MIKE DEODATO, JR. SKETCHBOOK Treasury Sized LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR. Trade Paperback THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR. Limited Edition Hardcover

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Launching now: The BANZAI GIRL ADULT COLORING BOOK Kickstarter!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 10:02:47 PM

Hey, all! --

When we started launching Kickstarters a number of years ago, we began building a line of projects slowly but surely.

For Jinky Coronado, we produced BANZAI GIRL Volume 1 "By Dreams Betrayed" as both hardcover and softcover and followed it up with BANZAI GIRL Volume 2, "Fifty Shades of Prey," also in hardcover and softcover.  Then came the BANZAI GIRL SPECTACULAR, a comic book with seven amazing variant editions with superstar cover artists.  A lovely BANZAI GIRL superstar artist portfolio got sandwiched in there.  There was even a BANZAI GIRLS FABULOUS FOTO BOOK with Jinky and her sister Michelle cosplaying as their characters from the comic.  Fun stuff!

Banzai Girl's got you covered!

For my EXPOSURE project with artist Al Rio and later with Jinky Coronado, we Kickstarted EXPOSURE Volume 1 "The ParaTech Revelation" in softcover and hardcover, followed by Volume 2 "Blind Faith" in the same formats. Then we followed with the EXPOSURE: TOP SECRET boxed set including the new TOP SECRET comic book.

For Marvel/DC/AWA superstar artist Mike Deodato, we launched THE MIKE DEODATO, JR. SKETCHBOOK in softcover and in a deluxe hardcover with bonus pages; plus THE CARTOON ART OF MIKE DEODATO, JR., also in hardcover and softcover. Most recently, of course, we produced Mike Deodato's JADE WARRIORS ZETTAI NO Absolute Edition as well as the 16-month JADE WARRIORS CALENDAR.

Across these past 10 years we've offered up so many cool books, but our most recent KIckstarter fans have not had an opportunity to get ALL of the many projects we offered.  Few, if any, of the books have been in to their friendly neighborhood comic book stores, and the readers arrived to our Kickstarters days/weeks/month/years after they'd already been launched/completed/fulfilled.

So today we've launched a new/old Kickstarter.  It's officially called the BANZAI GIRL Adult Deluxe Coloring Book by Jinky Coronado, but it's a lot more than that.  We've set it up, through Reward Levels and Add-Ons, to bring you a fresh opportunity to find ALL the books you may have missed.

And if you were there and bought and liked 'em, this offers a chance to grab up some for your book-loving, art-loving friends!

Here's the direct link to the BANZAI GIRL Adult Deluxe Coloring Book by Jinky Coronado --

This Kickstarter is definitely a "something for everyone!" event.  So please check it out and snag a book today!

And while you're doing that, we'll be busy filling orders from the previous Kickstarters -- and planning out our NEXT Kickstarter, as well.

All my best to you,

almost 2 years ago – Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 10:54:01 AM

Hello, again! --

Today I've launched a new Kickstarter for BANZAI GIRL Volume 2 in a limited edition hardcover, for the collectible aficionados among you!

My feeling is that a hardcover edition is always cooler and feels more permanent on my shelf than a softcover.  So I'm printing only 400 of cover A and 100 of cover B, and signing some.  Both editions come with a dust jacket for that more sophisticated presentation.

Yummy goodness in painted cover or cosplay cover editions!

I'm also offering some other collectible BANZAI GIRL goodies you may have missed before.

Spread the word to your friends -- and check out the direct link to my new Kickstarter right here --


-- Jinky

about 2 years ago – Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 09:33:59 PM


Hello, everyone --

I've finally finished everybody's commissions, and I shipped them ALL out today via Priority Mail.  

On my way to the Post Office!

If the Post Office does its job, domestic packages should arrive in your hands by or before this weekend, while international shipments will be a couple of weeks longer. 

One of the handfuls of commissions that shipped out today!

 This means that 100% of my BANZAI GIRLS SPECTACULAR Kickstarter, as of today, is fulfilled.

Time to celebrate!

Below is a look at a few of my new drawings.

I did a bunch of "sketch cover" custom commissions, including --

Edna Mode created Banzai GIrl's newest battle suit!

(I'm pretty sure I corrected that spelling before signing and mailing.)

The Force is wrong with this one!

When I haven't a thing to wear!
Decking the Halls got out of hand!

I also did several full-size 11" x 17" commissions, some in full color --

Thor's Harem of the Unworthy!

I did a bunch more, but that gives you a taste!

Why'd these all take so long to get finished?  

Partly because I wanted everyone's art to go out the same day.  It just didn't seem right to deliver some people's commissions in April, others in July, and the rest in September.  So to make it fair, I mailed them all out today, when I completed the last of them.

But mainly because I'm working for Disney AND I've also drawn a lot of work for Autarch Games that had deadlines.  Stuff that looks like this --

Stiletto and Aurora, for Autarch Games.

For those of you wanting a custom commission of your own, please go here to order --


Yes, I will have another BANZAI GIRL Kickstarter coming your way by the end of the year.  

Watch for it!


-- Jinky

over 2 years ago – Sat, May 08, 2021 at 02:11:11 AM


Hello, everyone! --

I have shipped every package of printed books.  I have emailed every digital download file.  IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE YOURS, CONTACT ME!!

The only remaining items for me to send are the CUSTOM COMMISSIONS.  I am working right now on both the 11 x 17" commissions and the Sketch cover commissions.  After they're all completed, I will mail them all at once and confirm the shipments in another update.

Here's the first one I've completed.  My Backer wanted Banzai Girl in sort of a Charlie's Angel-type action scene with the characters from DANGER GIRL.  Here's what I did --

I hope you like it!

And yes, there's still time for you to order a custom commission if you want one!  

Here's the link --


-- Jinky

almost 3 years ago – Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 08:05:39 PM


Hello, everyone --

I hope you are all well and safe and had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  :)

Today's news:  I've sent out about 98% of the orders.  My most recent mailings were the remarqued covers that I needed to sketch.

This means that everything has been mailed out EXCEPT for a few custom commissions, on blank sketch covers and otherwise, that I'll complete over the next few weeks.  

With those exceptions, if you have not received your orders by the end of next week (March 6th), let me know and I'll track them.

Thanks for your patience as I got everythnig safely shipped throughout the pandemjic and the sabotage of the U.S. Postal Service.  There were more missing, damaged, and torn open packages this time than any other Kickstrter I've done.  Maddening!  But I've replaced all those orders.

So what's next?

My next Kickstarter will be a very limited edition HARDCOVER of BANZAI GIRL, which I think will be impressive on your bookshelf.


-- Jinky